Let’s consider whether or not you truly believe #BlackLivesMatter

24K vs. 600 followers? This is the bullshit I’m talking about. #BlackLivesMatter is supposed to mean all of us yall.

Male, female, young, old, straight, gay, trans, christian, muslim, atheist, republican, democrat, etc. Please believe when the powers that be are redlining your district, pulling over your sons, catcalling your daughters and disrespecting your elders they are not thinking, ‘Hm, I wonder if this nxgger is straight/ gay /christian/ rich/ republican etc? Yeah i’d see them as a human being then.’

None of the categories we lump ourselves into to divide the diaspora make us any less black. My caribbean people. My continental people. My displaced fam in America. We in this shit together. Yall REALLY need to start acting like it. Fuck a complexion, a hair texture a sexual orientation or a neighborhood. Do our struggles differ based on these things? Of course. Intersectionality is SO important to consider. But it breaks my heart to see young people ride for victims of police brutality like Kenneth Chamberlain (67) and be told they cant even speak at a rally they spear headed.

It kills me that documentaries like light girls/ dark girls even have to be made, especially since all they’ve done is acknowledge two varying struggles with no effort to reconcile our sisters as a collective or provide the context in which light has been deemed right: RACISM, which was created – NOT BY US – and still functions as a tool to keep us lowly and distracted. The great tragedy now is we inflict these ideas upon ourselves and worse, our children.

I was reading an article today on the Root about the erasure of trans women of color from the black lives matter movement and this cold hard truth was met with such vitriol, hate, misogyny and homophobia that you wouldnt believe.

Do y’all think everyone who marched in Selma was straight? Or christian? Or had natural hair? Or liberal political views? Or could even fucking read?

Think about that shit for a minute. But yall worried about who the next man fuckin when there’s a target on ALL our backs?! And they fucking riding for us to this day! Be clear: it was 3 black WOMEN to of whom are QUEER that created the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag/ movement. So the erasure of trans people from the movement is disrespectful at best, and puts us in the shoes of the oppressor at worst. I rambled when really all i wanted to say is that @blackwomenmatters should have the same amount of followers as @blackmenmatters But there you have it. My $0.02


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