When ‘conscious’ is pompous

The face I make when them ‘conscious’ folks get salty when my progressivism is too much for them. It’s all ‘Hotep Queen!’ ‘Ashe!’ ‘I met God she’s black!’ Until I don’t hate on a healthy interracial relationship (keyword HEALTHY- no fetishization or lack of understanding the struggle bullshit) or when I suppose having a vagina makes my struggle a wee bit different (fuck that intersectionality shit ma you dividing the struggle! You selfish!) or when I suggest that instead of expecting the corporate media and celebrities to represent us holistically and be appropriate 100% of the time we should take the time to show our kids that true value and wealth lie in intelligence, finance, community and family, not name brands and sex appeal (I’m saying though they killing our kids minds! We can’t control that! Wake up sis!) chile please. I’m hella woke. The crib was smelling like incense before you ever heard your first Erykah Badu album, started your locs and were reborn into the self righteous ass you’re proud to be today. All this talk of unity but yall still silencing voices and creating divisions within the struggle smh. I still love yall though. I know your heart is in the right place but you need to get your MIND right. #JaylasUpturnedLipIsHenceforthMyDontComeForMeUnlessISendForYouMeMe



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