Signal boost! Mask Mag & Black Women Matter Zine by Underground Sketchbook

‘While the killings of black men still receive much more media attention and their names much more mobilization, some are chiming in to exclaim: what about black women who disproportionately face violence at the hands of the police?

”Black Women Matter” tells the story of 11 black women who were murdered by the police. Put out by the art collective Underground Sketchbook, this zine follows a sentiment being pushed for across the country: don’t simply “remember us when we’re gone and ignore us while we’re here”.

Notably still, no stories of trans women were included in this issue of the project.’

Via @maskmagazine

Important and informative. The goal is to inform, not divide. If you understand why black lives matter is a necessary rallying cry and all lives matter isn’t enough, you should understand why recognizing black women specifically is important to the struggle. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackWomenMatter #Intersectionality #MaskMagazine



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