Intersectionality & Bill Cosby

Haven’t been paying too much attention to the Bill Cosby fiasco because I literally can’t keep up, and since I don’t have all the facts, I can’t speak on his guilt or innocence. (Not on some I wasn’t there so I’ll never know tip, cause facts are facts, I just haven’t sat down with his interviews and compared and contrasted them with those of alleged victims, which is all I can do as an outsider looking in to try to find the truth) but what I can say when I’m looking at the commentary surrounding the situation, is that it’s a crying shame how often I feel like I have to choose between my race and gender, because neither one is respected or protected. Seeing an iconic Black mans image destroyed is hard. The Suggestion these allegations originated and resurfaced amidst news of Cosby purchasing a multimedia company and becoming a force for the positive representation of Black people is something I can’t write off, because I’ve witnessed the purposeful character assassination of numerous Black people, famous and unknown, a thousand times over as a tactic to make them seem unworthy of the trust of the public. Still, seeing all those comments about how all the women coming forward are ‘sluts’ ‘gold diggers’ and ‘liars’ because if they were ‘really raped’ they ‘would have come forward already’ is hard as well. And it’s a painful reminder of why so many victims don’t come forward. Celebrity news aside, and whether this one particular man is innocent or guilty, rape culture is alive, well and rampant.


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