What a tangible way to slowly but surely change habits of consumerism and complacency. This really hit home for me. So many people talk the talk on social media knowing damn well they got all their kids Christmas/ Kwanzaa gifts from Toys r Us and FAO Swartz between Black Friday and Cyber Monday lol. And I’m not mad at you! Old habits die hard. But it’s REALLY time to unify economically and in every other way so we can return to our ancestral greatness. I’m encouraging everyone on my friends list to do this regardless of your ethnicity. If all 900+ of you donated just $10 to the charity of your choice that’s over $9,000. Imagine if you did it every month?Most of you spend $10 a day on lunch without a second thought. Imagine if we all volunteered just 10 hours a month? And someone who otherwise may not feel seen or heard or be fed benefitted from your small contribution of time? Imagine if we kept the mom and pop shops afloat instead of buying everything at Target and BJs? We’d all be better off. And U.S. Brown folks need to unify and assert our buying power now more than ever. Money is the only language the powers that be understand.



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