YPOC Self Love Sessions

After ending 2014 with a successful 6-Saturday long workshop series and introducing the community to the YPOC student centered, judgement free environment in which we hope to empower our youth and hone their talents & critic thinking skills, we are kicking off 2015 during black history month like only we can!

The ‘Self Love Sessions’ will run the entire month of February and include the following activities:

1. Spa Day

For our young ladies ages 4-12 & 13-18 we will be having a spa day- complete with facilitated meditation, aromatherapy, facials, nail care, vision boards & healthy snacks as well as a discussion about our individual and communal struggles with self love. Complimentary goody bags will be given to each participant!

2. Superhero Day

For our young men ages 4-12 we will be having a Superhero day- complete with a superhero movie marathon and a discussion about our individual and communal struggles with self love. We will also remember our real life heroes in addition to made up ones And write letters of appreciation to those who remind us to love ourselves. Boys are encouraged to dress up as their favorite super hero or real life hero. Complimentary goody bags will be given to each participant!

3. Letters From The Community

We all have different ideas about how to most effectively challenge the oppressive status quo, but what we can all agree on is that we need to come together as a community and hold those in power and one another accountable for our present in order to create a more equitable, safe future for all under the law.

In order to keep our community actively engaged in the global uprising against police brutality, racism, consumerism and How these and other structural mechanisms intertwine to disempower people of color, we have decided to combine community action and our right as citizens to speak truth to power by engaging in a month long letter writing project outlining Greivances, demands, hopes, dreams, fears and suggestions- from concerned youth, parents and educators among others.

At the end of Black History month (which should feel like every month!) we will send them to a selected group of faith based organizations, youth led activist groups, elected officials, and precincts in an effort to create meaningful dialogue with those who can create the change we desperately require in order to feel Like progress is being made and the safety of all citizens is a top priority.

Spa Day & Superhero Day Dates & Locations TBA

Letter writing sessions will take place at Evil Olive Pizza Bar at 198 Union Street in Brooklyn from 2-4pm each Saturday in February. You can also contact me if you would like to submit a letter but cannot attend letter writing sessions. The more the merrier, and the more letters we accumulate, the more people we can send them to, and hopefully, the more serious we will be taken.

Please spread the word to your favorite parents, kids, teachers, pastors, activists and whoever else you can think of with a child who could attend these events or a concerned citizen who would appreciate being part of the letter writing initiative.

To sponsor YPOC by lending a space for spa day/ Superhero day or contributing to gift bags for participants, please email youngpeopleofcolorinc@gmail.com

RSVP, sign up & purchase tickets here!

click here for tickets!


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