Monday Morning Musings

Starting this week off by challenging everyone on my friends list not to assume they know me based on what they see here. At least not to the extreme. Do I love black people? Fuck yes. With all my heart. Do I hate white people? Fuck no. It would be idiotic to group them all together and assume the worst. Do I sympathize with those living in poverty and earning poverty maintaining wages? Of course. Do I hate rich people? Absolutely not. I only wish those born into affluence and privilege could acknowledge its effect on their lives and attempt to consider the ramifications of being born into a life with the opposite circumstances. Do I despise the systems in place that have historically disenfranchised, dehumanized and disempowered women and people of color? Obviously. But that is not an indictment of my acquaintances doing civil servant jobs (including police work) or joining the armed forces to stay afloat. I get it, regardless of my disdain for war, over policing and the rampant prison industrial complex. Am I tired as fuck of systemic, institutional racism and police brutality? Of course I am. There is an invisible target on everyone in my family. Do I hate cops? No. Again, it would be asinine to assume they are all alike, regardless of my inherent mistrust due to safety concerns which are completely warranted based on my race, gender and affiliations with various activist groups. At the end of the day I am a critical thinker, not some band wagon hopping Internet go-hard who parrots what they’ve read/ seen/ heard or been told. I do my own research, draw my own conclusions and I check the facts. On two occasions I shared misinformation and I owned that. (Nothing crazy- one story about Timbaland clothing brand creator being racist, another about Chanel passing off du rags as $100 satin wrap caps) I left it on my social media accounts because I’m not ashamed to make mistakes, or to admit that I have, and I passed the information along once I found out I had spread something false. The point of all this is that my passion for people and causes is what fuels my actions and words, not hate for anyone or anything, because I don’t harbor hate in my heart, disgusted as I may be by societal ills. My politic is as multidimensional as I am and my view on one thing has nothing to do with my view on something else. Don’t presume to know how my mind works.


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