Only I could write a revolutionary rant inspired by Christmas : )

I spent a beautiful, joyful holiday with my nearest & dearest. There was an abundance of food, gifts, joy and love. I’m overflowing with happiness. And grief. Because literally every night I come across a new family that is not able to spend the holidays, or any other day, with the ones they love, due to a system of violence that goes completely unchecked and virtually unnoticed outside of activist circles.

I saw a paper with a front page that read ‘Blue Christmas’ today, in memorial of the officers recently killed in Brooklyn. That really got me thinking. Now I’m not mad people are mourning the loss of life. But I do feel some kind of way that two lives lost have been used to create a narrative that is destructive to a beautiful and necessary global movement against militarized police forces and politics throughout the world, which is most detrimental to black, brown, femme/ female and impoverished communities.

Think about the gravity of that. Think about what it suggests that the death of two people in a certain uniform is successfully being used to discredit hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, not to mention mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children and loved ones connected to victims of racism, elitism & patriarchy.

Why is it we are so moved by violence against men in blue suits but unbothered by violence against men with brown skin? Or men sleeping on benches? Or women shot in the dead of night by their significant others?

Who will tell Christian Griggs’ story? Where is Dontre Hamilton’s front page? Where is Shaneka Thompson’s headline? Who will mourn those with no media outlet reporting with them in mind?

I for one am happy to take that responsibility, because I do not see it as such. The human thing to do is to mourn ALL these people. The empathic thing to do is to put yourself in the shoes of another person and consider whether or not you could walk a mile in them- which is why I’m not a cop hater although I have strong reservations about police.

The Godly thing to do- and this is going to hurt some feelings, especially on Christmas Day, but it needs to be said- the GODLY thing to do is whatever it is in your power to do for what you know in your soul is right. If PRAYER is your answer every time one of your fellow human beings with brown skin is murdered by the authorities amid murky accusations of gun possession and ‘a physical struggle’ then please prepare yourself for another murder every 28 hours, like clockwork.

God is not coming down here to save us from the racist police. And the mothers of Tamir Rice, Aiyana Jones and Lennon Lacy should not have to wait until judgement day to receive justice. God is waiting on YOU, yes YOU, to use the gifts he bestowed upon you and the talents he’s blessed you with, to be part of the solution RIGHT NOW.

So don’t tell me you don’t worry because you know God is watching over you. He is watching over us all and he is waiting for us to start acting like we were made in his image!

On this, the supposed day of Jesus birth, I challenge everyone on my friends list, especially those who believe in HIM, to believe in your SELF, stop playing GAMES, and pick up this revolutionary mantle.

I’m tired of Black people being so Christian they forget to be Black.

Like, bruh. You can celebrate the birth of Jesus AND cooperative economics, unity & creativity. (Read yo ass a Kwanzaa book; like yesterday.)

If you’re going to choose anything, you need to start choosing yourselves.

Revolutionary Christmas rant out!



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