Don’t believe the hype!

I recently happened to turn on the tv, and despite my best efforts to take a break from it, and social media, I have to speak on something. This morning I heard a NY1 ‘journalist’ not only describe the tragic murders of Officer Liu & Officer Ramos in Brooklyn as ‘retaliatory killings for the murders of Eric Garner AND Michael Brown,’ but also liken them to a 1972 double homicide involving two law enforcement agents at the hands of a black liberation group.

There was no mention of Shaneka Thompson, the gun man’s first victim, who is only alive today by the grace of God after being shot in the abdomen in the wee hours of the morning, nor was there any attempt to present an unbiased and factual story on the political climate that has created this anti-police narrative, which has nothing to do with these grisly murders OR the movement they are desperately trying to scandalize, and everything to do with the militarized policing that has always existed in black and Brown communities, of which the post-occupy wall street world has only received a taste.

Let’s think of the implications of the fact that the most recent case this reporter could link this sorry ‘retaliatory killing’ angle to took place in the 70s whereas a Black citizen is gunned down every 28 hours at the hands of law enforcement, numbers akin to the frequency with which we were lynched in the Jim Crow South. Really consider that for a moment.

I implore everyone I’m connected to on Facebook to watch the news and this narrative with a keen eye, to do independent research, to think for yourself and to understand that although this is the narrative being fed to the public, it is far from the truth, and cannot be allowed to destroy the global movement for peace and accountability that has been growing in the months since multiple non-indictments of law enforcement agents guilty of cold blooded murder.

You should feel as deeply saddened for the mother’s and families of Aiyana Jones, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown and Eric Garner as you do for those of Officers Liu and Ramos. And if you don’t, but you’re out Here hash tagging that all lives matter, this is me calling your bluff.


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