It’s very interesting to me how people who had nothing to say about the innocent people killed BY the police are now blowing up my timeline because two police officers were the VICTIMS of senseless violence based on a label attached to them.

I’ve already said I don’t advocate violence against any human being, black, white, blue or green but it pisses me off that some of you sat silently through the BARRAGE OF BLACK DEATH that was the last year but then sound off when TWO police lives are taken.

If #AllLivesMatter why didn’t you go to bat for Ayaina, Renisha, Rekia, Trayvon, Ramarley, Jordan, John, Jonathan, Michael, Vonderritt, Ezell, Eric, Kenneth or Kimani?

Cause according to your timeline they don’t matter. But officer Ramos & officer Lu got your attention and condolences QUICK.

Say what you want about my political predilections but if you look at my timeline you will find condolences for ALL those people here and THAT is how you prove ALL lives matter. You advocate for them ALL.

So miss me with the BS.


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