YPOC style & fashion workshop

How come I’m the only one that looks silly in my selfie? But that’s ok ☺️these little Queens made me and Jazzy smile from ear to ear at @stuyvesantindibazaar hosted by @ancientsong doulas where we discussed style, fashion & cooperative economics through a kid friendly lens. What a pleasure to be in the company of powerful, self affirming, enterprising women and to see the effect that beautiful upbringing is having on their baby girls. They had on all kinds of patterns, fabrics & pieces. No one felt like they had to dress a certain way to be ‘cool.’ They had an appreciation for vibrant, cultural fashion and individualism. And everyone was so proud of their mommy for being able to make their own clothes. These are our future business women people- take note! Check out @youngpeopleofcolorinc and be sure to follow for the latest! Our last seminar of 2015 is next Saturday at @stuyvesantindibazaar !! Hope you and your little one(s) can make it out! #meetusatthemansion #buyblack #ujamaa #cooperativeeconomics #kwanzaaeveryweek #love #unity #brooklyn #bethechange #ypoc #community #grassroots #activism #education



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