YPOC nutrition & wellness workshop

Taste testing at our #NutritionAndHealth workshop with wellness guru @doublemelons Everyone agrees, healthy can still be yummy! Finding the time and maintaining the diligence to optimize your health no matter how convenient fast or processed food seems, is the first step toward building the community we so desperately need. Imagine if we took all the money we spend on Mcdonalds and Chinese food and put an affordable health food store in every hood. Imagine if we spent the time it takes to make a meal cooking with our families and then ate together instead of in our own rooms watching television. Every aspect of our lives is connected, important, and political. The sooner we realize the impact of seemingly small acts in large numbers we will be well on our way to transforming our communities. Then and only then, as a United front, can we hope to combat outside forces seeking to keep us ignorant, unhealthy and focused on things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. #YPOC #MelissaCharlana #Health #Wellness #Nutrition #CriticalThinking #HealthIsWealth #ItStartsWithUs #Unity #CommunityIssues #TheBlackCommunity



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