On buying black & an economic boycott

I’m going to keep it completely 100% with you guys. I have not reached a place where I’m ONLY buying Black. That is the goal, but I simply have not yet found a place to get each and EVERY thing I require to live from a black owned business. But I AM looking. I AM pointing anyone who will listen in the direction of black owned & operated businesses from bakeries to cosmetic lines to home wares that I MYSELF have previously purchased or utilized. And I have BEGUN the switch. So while you will definitely see various Disney & cartoon characters under my (fake) tree (Tajhy luh da plants) because I simply haven’t yet come across a Black owned toy store chock full of ninja turtle & frozen parafinalia, you will also see some art, clothing, etc. By names you aren’t familiar with, and I truly hope you get familiar. Every movement starts with baby steps. Let’s keep building our economy and infrastructure without judging those who have not yet changed their shopping habits. It is a process, and using who shops where as yet ANOTHER divisive tool amongst ourselves is not the answer.


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