Eric Garner, Black Lives Matter, I can’t breathe & Criming While White are trending on Twitter and I’m like…

Yasss hunny. Set the Internet ablaze. Seems to be the only thing folks pay attention to now and days smh. Not that it changes anything but it’s nice to see people are just as disgusted/ heartbroken/ committed/ determined/ aware as you are. Makes it feel like less of a losing battle. But we can’t waste all our energy shutting down bridges and making signs and hashtags. Who’s gonna legit help me organize #communitypolicing and #copwatch in #williamsburg (that’s where I live) and across the 5 boroughs? And help me write some elected officials closer to home who might actually give us the time of day or connect us to people/ entities that can advance the struggle without diluting it? Or help me educate these kids on their rights and unfortunate responsibilities as black youth? Or help us build infrastructure within our own communities so we no longer depend on these inherently racist systems for our clothing, food, policing, etc? These are the things that need to be done. So while solidarity is beautiful, this shit is happening way too often for it to be where your commitment to the struggle ends.


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