In reference to activist shade in the wake of the Darren Wilson ‘no indictment’ decision & other Mike Brown related musings

Don’t chastise those who choose to channel their anguish and fury by expressing themselves by venting on social media or organizing/ attending rallies and protests unless you have an alternative to offer that you ACTUALLY engage in. Black folks love to scream on other black folks for ‘ jumping on the bandwagon ‘ or try to point out how protests ‘get us no where’ but be clear, it was the Montgomery bus boycott (a form of protest), that desegregated that nifty seating arrangement from way back when. It was something as simple as the refusal to give up a seat that sparked a revolution. Yeah the BPP is now characterized by its militance but they also served breakfast for neighborhood children and educated community members. Acts of solidarity are highly significant to any revolution because they are committed by human beings, which reminds us all what’s at stake if things keep going on this way- our humanity. All you do by coming after people because you think their form of expression is useless or inappropriate is divide the struggle. Think about it. Of course it’s not helpful to burn or steal things but I’d rather those people destroy property than PEOPLE. Pent up and perfectly legitimate rage like this will always explode and guess what their violence would have been directed at had it not been property? also consider why the authorities arrested peaceful protesters but allowed folks just down the street to rob and vandalize stores. Instead if arresting those people, who were committing an actual crime and not exercising their constitutional rights at that point, they made sure to catch it all on camera so they could distract your ass with words like ‘thugs’ and ‘rioters.’ And you’re letting them! You better be glad all they did was break some damn windows and steal some soda! If that can distract you from the loss of human life, you have some soul searching to do. Let’s keep the big picture in focus and come together for the greater good folks. The divisiveness is killing me. Like, there are bodies dropping RIGHT NOW we simply don’t know about yet. Let’s come together for that federal indictment, Eric Garner’s upcoming case, justice for Tamir and all the others who will fall victim to a flawed system while we argue about tactics instead of bridging the gaps that we allow to divide us.

I don’t have any time for the Rev. Al Sharpton but I’m so glad he’s laying into the prosecution for trying and indicting Mike Brown Jr. Last night before clearing Darren Wilson of any wrongdoing. He also reminded the world that Eric Garner’s grand jury case begins in two weeks and that the Ohio police have just murdered a 12 year old boy. Then he laid into those that set Ferguson ablaze and encouraged those who protested peacefully for 103 days despite the agitators to press on in spite of the slander being caused by a few. He also drew attention to how the prosecution functioned as a defense for the accused as opposed to attempting to determine if there was probable cause to proceed to a trial which would THEN determine officer Wilson’s guilt. It’s important to acknowledge that. Suggesting that everyone lied to paint a picture in which Mike was innocent and that social media & the news fanned the flames leading the grand jury no choice but to NOT indict The Officer was so incredibly low. That needs to be acknowledged as well. Then a blogger antagonized the Reverend and Mike’s supporters reacted to the antagonizer. The Reverend calmly went off camera quickly to ask that supporters not get riled up and wondered aloud why someone who didn’t want to hear what he had to say would attend his press conference. The Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump shut down a reporter who tried to scandalize Mike Brown Senior for his emotional commentary immediately after the verdict was announced. ‘Don’t condemn him for having a human reaction.’ These are the points to remember when they replay riot footage and talk of stolen cigarillos. Keep the big picture in focus folks. RIP Sean Bell who was murdered around this time 6 years ago the night before his wedding by NYPD. It’s all connected. Stay woke.

I don’t care who’s burning what. If a knuckle head stealing a fanta and some Fritos can take your mind off that mother and father who’s son was murdered days before he was to start his college career then your life is not in order.

The President doesn’t even seem like he believes what he’s saying ….

Realest shit I’ll ever post. No matter what I do or how I try to live my life and raise my kids we are not fucking safe. I live across the street from a precinct. Excuse me while I cop a bulletproof for my six year old. He might fuck around and buy some skittles or play some loud music or hold a toy in wal mart so let me be prepared. #YoureProbablyMadiSaidThat #ImagineHavingToLiveIt #MothersOfBlackBoys

In the face of legalized genocide, is nonviolence an option? I’d rather nation build than be in my feelings right now but feel free to vent. Mad love to everyone who shares my current deep depression & sickening sense of déjà vu #MikeBrown #TrayvonMartin #JohnCrawford #RenishaMcBride #JonathanFerell #RekiaBoyd #EzellFord #RamarleyGraham #KimaniGrey #WillChamberlain #JordanDavis what’s fucked up is I typed this before the verdict was announced. Because it’s always the same thing.


Musings based on images pt. IIII

Feminists where yall at? Going hard for street harassment but awfully quiet about this. Which Is why I had no qualms about pointing out the racial undertones of that street harassment psa. #Intersectionality it’s not a matter of one issue or person being more deserving of recognition than the other. It’s a matter of individuals with similar struggles being erased or under/misrepresented in the grand scheme of things. It is my job as a member of the oldest marginalized group of all (women) and the most historically marginalized group within the context of capitalism/ colonialism/ imperialism (brown people) to speak on ALL these things and how they connect as only someone like me can.IMG_2250.PNG

On Black Womanhood, that PSA everyone is talking about and why it’s important to acknowledge the flaws in any movement

I have been disrespected in a multitude of ways since the very first comment I made on the now viral and completely picked apart video of a presumably White woman walking through Manhattan and being cat called by dozens of Black and Latino men throughout the 10 minute video.

It has already been proven that all the Caucasian cat callers were edited out of the footage. It has already been noted that the company hollaback worked in conjunction with has been called out for racism on numerous occasions.

I’m hoping it goes without saying that the universally relevant issue of women’s safety and the sexual violence against women at the hands of not only individuals, but the city, state and federally sanctioned violence against women are deep concerns to me that directly effect me because I am a woman. But clearly it does not go without saying. Because the way folks came for me for pointing out the very obvious one dimensional nature of that video (read: the exclusively Brown skinned cat callers approaching this singular White female) was mind blowing.

I received a good 20 wildly disrespectful responses to my commentary on a link #ForHarriet posted asking the question, ‘is the message of the anti street harassment PSA getting lost in a conversation about race?’

I have mixed feelings about the video as a woman who experiences street harassment and the mother to a brilliant Black boy, fiancé to a wonderful and RESPECTFUL black man, father of a dutiful and responsible black man, and sister to a multi lingual college grad who also happens to be a Black male, none of whom would be caught dead following a woman down the street after their advances were rebuffed, if they dare stop a sista in the midst of her travels at all.

On one hand I hate that, to keep myself safe, I often have to engage in unwanted conversations and situations. I’ve had men lick all over their lips and stare me down, block my path repeatedly requesting my number, follow me, remove my headphones so I would be forced to acknowledge them and the list goes on. But these behaviors are not only exhibited by Black men and that is what I commented.

The white cat callers in the video were completely omitted from the final edit, creating a very one dimensional view of who gets harassed and who does the harassing, which I felt was unfair.

That doesn’t negate the importance of a conversation on harassment or creating safe spaces for women to live, travel, work, etc and assert their autonomy without being victimized verbally or physically, but its also not something that should be ignored or trivialized.

Being accountable for the messages you send is important and one positive message does not erase another problematic one.

Peep my commentary & the responses to it below. Did I miss something or are they tripping?

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