Musings based on images part. III

Tell me again how not critiquing what requires analysis will help the struggle; #ChilePlease I am fully capable of supporting a movement while pointing out the flaws within it. #BlackFeminist #PanAfrican #FreeSpirit #FreeThinker #CriticalThinker There can be no love without truth and no advancement without the acknowledgement of individual struggle. So black men, if you shade the feminist movement, you need to be personally investing in creating a space where the intricacies of Black womanhood are acknowledged, respected and protected. And all you ladies who see nothing wrong with that harassment PSA that ONLY features poc cat callers and ONLY features a presumably White woman being harassed, you have some reading and thinking to do on the concept of #intersectionality Yes I want justice for all women but the cold hard truth is that my Blackness makes me less of a woman/ human etc in the eyes of just about every institution. To deny that and pretend we all have the same things to gain/ lose would be like shooting myself in the foot. And I ain’t gon do it. For the vine or anything else ✊IMG_1922.PNG


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