Musings based on images part. II

Saw this and had to repost. I don’t make it a habit to look down on Black folks who use the n word because the reality is we have been desensitized to it. Some kids grow up hearing their parents refer to one another and even them with the term and it has become a term of endearment and a comedic add on in many circles. I’m not saying it’s right, just stating facts. It’s crazy that we openly refer to one another using this word knowing its history of hatred and vitriol, but don’t want any nearby White folks to hear us talking about anything involving them. I’ve been in numerous situations where I’ll be discussing politics or race relations and a comrade will go mute and give me this ‘you gotta chill!’ Look when a group of white people gets within hearing distance. That. Makes. No. Sense. 1. I’m never being hateful or disrespectful, only stating facts. 2. I want your ass to hear me. Hell, chime in. Maybe I could open up your mind today if we take the time to engage in meaningful dialogue. 3. I hear an assorted variety of people from all walks of life use the n word in any setting without blinking an eye or even glancing my way. Cause if they cared to look they would find me serving the ultimate ice grill. We have to do better and demand better of ourselves and others and we damn sure need to stop being scared to tell people from other walks of life about themselves.



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