Musings based on images part. I

What do we ever gain from sharing these fight videos? Unless we’re trying to identify the perpetrators I never understand why these videos are allowed to become viral phenomena. Witnessing one vicious attack won’t stop the next. We need to be out in our communities changing the value systems of our babies who feel as though this is the only way to solve problems, be cool or survive. I can also understand that some communities are so violent that it IS a matter of survival. But that is NEVER the case in these videos. One person is always CLEARLY being VICIOUSLY attacked while a crowd watches on, usually instigating. And people click like & share again and again and again? You should honestly be embarrassed if you’ve ever made a child think that shit is cool by providing a fight clip with a like or share. That’s why they record this shit and upload it. They know your ass will be there to eat it up. SET A GOD DAMN EXAMPLE. Cause it’s not all kids giving these things views. There’s 40 year olds checking world star for the latest fight vid right now. And yall need to cut the shit. Cause we out here losing human rights at the hands of the government on the daily and being gunned down by law enforcement in the street like its nothing meanwhile were beating each other half to death for kicks. I really don’t get it. We have to do better, and if you know better you should be showing someone else better. The struggle is a collective movement.



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