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In a natural hair event unlike any you’ve come across before, naturalistas of various hair textures (and our sisters who may not be natural!) are welcome to come celebrate the undisputed red headed step child of the natural hair community: those of us who wear LOCS!

We will come together to share our journies and discuss our place in the booming business (and quickly rising trend) that is natural hair, specifically the wearing of locs in various styles.

This event will include a discussion panel featuring guest speakers, delicious food, hilarious games, incredible vendors to support, raffles, and swag bags full of wonderful gifts as well as the first annual BEST OF LOCS awards in which some of your favorite loc’d instagrammers and celebs will be presented with awards for rocking their locs the best in their respective category. (Best loc bun, longest locs, best loctician, most colorful locs, favorite IG dreadhead, etc.)

Email your votes to by submitting the name, photo and IG handle of your pick for each of the following categories.

Use the hashtags to shout them out on instagram and spread the word so your pick can win!

The FINAL FIFTEEN #BestOfLocs2014 Categories are as follows. Use your instagram account to vote for your favorite! (Details on

1. Best Loc Bun #BestLocBun
2. Most versatile Loc Styles #MostVersatileLocs
3. Best artwork ft. Locs #BestLocArt
4. Best photography ft. Locs #BestLocPhotog
5. Hottest IG dreadhead #Instahottie
6. Best Free Form Locs #BestFreeFormLocs
7. Best Curly Locs #BestCurlyLocs
8. Best Multicolored Locs #BestColorfulLocs
9. Longest Locs on IG #LongestLocs
10. Best loctician #BestLoctician
11. Best Loc Salon #BestLocSalon
12. Best Loc Jewelry/Accessory #BestLocJewelry
13. Best Loc Hair care brand #BestLocHaircare
14. Cutest kid with locs (one boy and one girl will be chosen)
15. Favorite hair/ beauty/fashion vlogger/blogger with locs #FaveLocBlog


Check out my non profit: Young People of Color Incorporated

Young People of Color Incorporated is a grassroots movement founded by education major, step & dance instructor, published model, community activist, writer and mother of two, Tajh Sutton in order to foster empowerment, creativity and critical thinking in youth POC. A 10 lesson curriculum that emphasizes academic readiness as well as the importance of honing creative skills and understanding our place within our communities and the world at large was created in 2012 while Tajh was attending Brooklyn College as an education major with a concentration in English. The YPOC Saturday seminars will feature workshops on nutrition, fashion, beauty and self esteem, music and singing, step and dance and finance, all through a lens of critical analysis and empowerment. It will be an educational experience that still allows participants the opportunity to be imaginative and free, all the while freeing themselves from the generalizations and restrictions society tries so hard to weigh them down with. Parents are welcome to attend with their children. There are no age restrictions and everyone is welcome. Workshops are FREE to attend. Small fees may apply depending on specific components of individual seminars. Donations are welcome.


Seminar dates will take place at Ripley greir Studios @ 520 8th Ave in NYC from 12-2pm in studio 10A and are as follows:

November 1, 2014 Financial Literacy for kids.

November 8, 2014 What makes you beautiful? An exploration of beauty standards, self esteem and self image.

November 15, 2014 The art of step: Origins, Impact & Present day popularity

December 6, 2014 Nutrition: How to shop and cook to optimize your health.

December 13, 2014 Fashion & Style: An introduction to personalization, thrifting and buying Black.

December 20, 2014 Music: POC influence across the musical landscape & listening for content. (& Secret Santa gift exchange!)

There will be NO seminars

November 22, 2014
November 29, 2014
December 27, 2014
(Thanksgiving and Christmas weekends)

Special Guests will be speaking/ presenting for each session so you must be prompt so your child does not miss anything!

2015 Seminar schedule TBA

RSVP for YPOC Saturdays Seminars Here!

Musings based on images part. III

Tell me again how not critiquing what requires analysis will help the struggle; #ChilePlease I am fully capable of supporting a movement while pointing out the flaws within it. #BlackFeminist #PanAfrican #FreeSpirit #FreeThinker #CriticalThinker There can be no love without truth and no advancement without the acknowledgement of individual struggle. So black men, if you shade the feminist movement, you need to be personally investing in creating a space where the intricacies of Black womanhood are acknowledged, respected and protected. And all you ladies who see nothing wrong with that harassment PSA that ONLY features poc cat callers and ONLY features a presumably White woman being harassed, you have some reading and thinking to do on the concept of #intersectionality Yes I want justice for all women but the cold hard truth is that my Blackness makes me less of a woman/ human etc in the eyes of just about every institution. To deny that and pretend we all have the same things to gain/ lose would be like shooting myself in the foot. And I ain’t gon do it. For the vine or anything else ✊IMG_1922.PNG

Musings based on images part. II

Saw this and had to repost. I don’t make it a habit to look down on Black folks who use the n word because the reality is we have been desensitized to it. Some kids grow up hearing their parents refer to one another and even them with the term and it has become a term of endearment and a comedic add on in many circles. I’m not saying it’s right, just stating facts. It’s crazy that we openly refer to one another using this word knowing its history of hatred and vitriol, but don’t want any nearby White folks to hear us talking about anything involving them. I’ve been in numerous situations where I’ll be discussing politics or race relations and a comrade will go mute and give me this ‘you gotta chill!’ Look when a group of white people gets within hearing distance. That. Makes. No. Sense. 1. I’m never being hateful or disrespectful, only stating facts. 2. I want your ass to hear me. Hell, chime in. Maybe I could open up your mind today if we take the time to engage in meaningful dialogue. 3. I hear an assorted variety of people from all walks of life use the n word in any setting without blinking an eye or even glancing my way. Cause if they cared to look they would find me serving the ultimate ice grill. We have to do better and demand better of ourselves and others and we damn sure need to stop being scared to tell people from other walks of life about themselves.


Musings based on images part. I

What do we ever gain from sharing these fight videos? Unless we’re trying to identify the perpetrators I never understand why these videos are allowed to become viral phenomena. Witnessing one vicious attack won’t stop the next. We need to be out in our communities changing the value systems of our babies who feel as though this is the only way to solve problems, be cool or survive. I can also understand that some communities are so violent that it IS a matter of survival. But that is NEVER the case in these videos. One person is always CLEARLY being VICIOUSLY attacked while a crowd watches on, usually instigating. And people click like & share again and again and again? You should honestly be embarrassed if you’ve ever made a child think that shit is cool by providing a fight clip with a like or share. That’s why they record this shit and upload it. They know your ass will be there to eat it up. SET A GOD DAMN EXAMPLE. Cause it’s not all kids giving these things views. There’s 40 year olds checking world star for the latest fight vid right now. And yall need to cut the shit. Cause we out here losing human rights at the hands of the government on the daily and being gunned down by law enforcement in the street like its nothing meanwhile were beating each other half to death for kicks. I really don’t get it. We have to do better, and if you know better you should be showing someone else better. The struggle is a collective movement.