Positive Vibes Only

It’s been such a long time.

Who even cares that I’m back?

Lol the answer would be no one.

Thing is, I’m fine with that!

There was a point in my life where I would check back religiously after I would post something. I was definitely that girl.

Was I looking for someone in particular’s stamp of approval? Nah. It was more of a, ‘does anybody out there hear me?’ *in my Justin Timberlake voice* kinda thing. It’s always nice to know someone feels how you feel or is sorting through the same struggles.

But I no longer require that either. I’ve come to love my voice and sharing it. I’m so at peeeeeeeace lately it’s really lovely.

I know it has a lot to do with the fact that I recently started working with youth again. Anyone who knows me can tell you- Tajhy luh da kids- and I’m currently running a step & dance course as well as fashion modeling workshops with youth ages 5-12 in Brooklyn for a fantastic summer camp that specializes in computer literacy, academic scholarship and self awareness for young people of color.

Working again after being a stay at home mom has me feeling really great about myself. Not that motherhood isn’t a 24/7 job with the ultimate payoff- the success of the children you get the pleasure of spending every moment with- it’s also a job with infinite responsibilities and no pay, leave or sick days lol. So working a “real” job where I have to travel to and from and pickup lunch and what not is a nice change of pace- even if the rug rats are with me the whole time. (Best believe they attend camp/ daycare respectively. No couch potatoes in here lol.)

I just feel awesome! That’s why I’m rambling. And I’ve noticed that productivity begets productivity. Somehow even though I’m a mother of two working 10+ hour days I’m still keeping the house tidy, reading to my kids at bedtime, etc. Shout out to my other half for cooking like, daily, because I just have not been home in time to do so lol.

I don’t know. I’m just loving life right now. Positive vibes only.

In like 5 years when I’ve progressed however I’m going to progress in whatever area I’m going to conquer first, I know I’ll read this post and smile. I just feel like things can only get better. In a great place spiritually so I’m trying to match my exterior to my interior.


I can do it. And my hidden abs and currently iffy but full of potential complexion will thank me for it lol.

Great things will happen for YPOC. Thoroughly enjoying working in conjunction with Cybercamp this summer. Planning the first LocLoveLivesHere meet up for Fall 2014. Dropping an album next year as Dani Anderson. (Tajh is a teacher. She cannot rock the Afropunk Stage lol) Just opened an online thrift boutique dedicated to disadvantaged youth. So yeah. I’m going to make all 4,368 of my dreams come true AND my karma is in tact ANNNNDDDDD my kids are awesome AAAAAND their dad is the man.

I am definitely winning.

Now if I could just hit the lotto and get us a condo CHIIIIIIILE……

Check out the movements I’m involved with & til next time, PEACE ❤

 My Artist IG. Gonna delete the current one soon

The start of my cost free youth thrift shop compliments of my super blessed children and hippie spirit

My first and most significant endeavor- YPOC- fostering empowerment, creativity and critical thinking in young people of color through dialogue and performance artistry

My second baby- a natural hair destination dedicated to people of color who wear locs and any loc lovers who just want to see awesome hair