MLK Musings

If you are not riding for black lives in the current political climate in some way, form or fashion please understand that I’m not trying to see/ hear you post any MLK quotes to ‘honor’ him today. If your life is not an homage to the man, your quote/ picture combo certainly will not be. 
There’s lots of debate about how much good things like integration and non violence did for the black community and constant talk of what ‘could have happened’ had we used different tactics at pivotal points in the movement but some things are certain. 
Martin Luther King Jr. Was much more radical and revolutionary than he is given credit for today. The fact that recycled quips about love driving out hate and peace are used to demonize and trivialize the current movement for black lives only proves that we are dealing with a sanitized version of a great man, only given a holiday because the powers that be had every intention of painting him like the most respectable, pacifist negro possible- and they have succeeded.
No mainstream source will ever post his views on capitalism or his understanding of situations like those that erupted in Ferguson because ‘a riot is the language of the unheard.’ 
We need all different types of leaders, including men like MLK and it’s not just because he wore a suit and didn’t curse.
Revolutionaries come in all flavors and some of you praising bits and pieces of his memory would have never marched alongside him for black equality sooooo…..


Why ‘not saying the perpetrator’s name’ when they are not a POC is inherently racist

Never in the history of crime have we been encouraged ‘not to glorify’ the perpetrator of a MASSACRE or say their name.

No Muslim ‘terrorist’ or Black ‘thug’ will EVER have the luxury of anonymity.

I am all for not giving a sicko the satisfaction of fame but we do not apply this logic when the perpetrator is someone we want the public to hate/ fear/ mistrust/ view as less than human.

Whiteness will never be demonized based on the actions of an individual and clearly even a group of people from a specific background committing similar crimes at an abnormally high frequency does not warrant the suggestion of some pathological inclination to be violent. 
#OregonShooting #UmpquaCommunityCollege #WhiteOnWhiteCrime #UCCShooting

McGrawHill Textbooks refer to African slaves as ‘workers’

Absolutely disgusting and their ‘response’ is almost as embarrassing as the sordid act itself. Referring to African slaves as ‘workers’ and referencing slavery in your ‘apology’ as ‘forced migration’ and ‘unpaid labor’ does not speak to the rape, castration, flogging, lynching, abduction, mutilation, degradation, destruction of heritage, communities, families and an entire diaspora still reeling from the modern day effects of slavery which led to jim crow which led to the new Jim Crow. I know I cannot expect better so I will not demand that you do better. I’m just glad people are willing to call you and your joke of a publication out. Shameful. Absolutely shameful. Rewriting history and wondering why modern society is falling apart. We aren’t being properly exposed to the lessons of the past and are therefore doomed to repeat them and all those traditionally marginalized will continue to fall by the wayside. My blood is BOILING. #McGrawHill #RewritingHistory #HomeSchoolingIsAMUST #StayWoke 

assault at spring valley highlights the criminalization of black girls and our tendency to do nothing to help

The fact this child never leaves her seat and is attacked in such a manner is cause enough for concern at the very least and fucking outrage if you’ve been paying attention long enough to realize this is the NORM which is why everyone let it happen and the one student who spoke out was arrested. All this over a phone? And folks are saying she should have ‘just put it away and this all could have been avoided?’ When did not listening to your teachers become a crime punishable by violence and worthy of arrest? Stop rationalizing the violence black girls face and let’s keep our girls safe- especially from those meant to protect them- especially in school. It is an absolute TRAVESTY that we are not even at rest from anti Blackness in the house of God or institutions of education. #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh #BlackLivesMatter #BlackWomenMatter #BlackGirlsMatter #SchoolToPrisonPipeline #DecriminalizeBlack #StopCallingTheCopsOnKids #ThatsNotNormal #ButItsEasyWhenYouDontSeeThemAsChildren #DefendBlackWomen #ALLBlackGirlsMatter

Where are the vigils, Facebook overlays and public outpourings of solidarity for Nigeria?


We don’t need ’em.
And we know why we won’t get em.
So I encourage everyone to download the photo blend app and create your own photo in solidarity with Nigeria. As corny as it is that we don’t receive the support others do in times of crisis, we honestly don’t require it. We all we got. And that’s a lot. Let’s support each other 💚💚💚💚 #PrayForNigeria #BlackLivesMatter #AfricanLivesMatter #UniteTheDiaspora #POCUnite #BlackLoveSavesLives 

Oh I’m watching you Hilary, but I ain’t tryna see you whip

Hillary Clinton, the same woman who claims ‘well meaning’ White people are fearful of Black folks in hoodies, is not allowed to do the Nae Nae. Same kids doing that dance would make you fear for your life on a dark street corner.

Miss me.

Ellen Degeneres is the homie but I need every single democratic candidate who wants my vote- granted to me by the blood of my ancestors- to do better.I have yet to be impressed and I will not be distracted by publicity stunts when my peoples lives are on the line. The Republican Party is very clear and calculating with its campaigning. Zero shame in their game. They are about our death, displacement and demonization. That does not mean we should blindly follow the democrats to the gates of hell. Show me something real shawty.  

On Jada, Janet & ‘Worrying about the wrong things’

I sent out an official piece for publication so I won’t post that yet but here’s a more free form blurb related to the Oscars and the latest news regarding boycotting and responses to it.

There is no reason I can’t simultaneously build within the Black community AND hold the systems and institutions that continue to devalue and disenfranchise people of color accountable. 
I’m not ‘worried about the wrong things’ for thinking the Oscars should be more diverse. 

Representation matters. When my brother goes overseas and tiny Japanese women run away from him at night because he’s Black even though they’ve never previously encountered an ACTUAL black person I’m reminded that representation matters.
On the flip side when students from a prestigious and diverse educational institution publicize their experiences with racism and are trivialized and silenced I am reminded why we need our own shit.
So scuse me while I walk, chew gum, listen to music, nod my head, milly Rock, shop for joggers and contemplate world domination simultaneously.
One time for the folks who get that race is worth discussing in every context. I don’t need to not care about the oscars so I can care about police brutality. I don’t need to stop worrying about meek mill making a fool of himself so I can #sayhername and I don’t need to stop watching scandal and empire so I can a free up some time to volunteer at the women’s shelter. I do all that shit easily and care free as fuck so all your judgement is gonna do is cause me to flex in the form of multiple status updates.
Now shut the fuck up while I kill shit in multiple ways, please and thanks.

We must remember Natasha McKenna

Monday, February 8, 2016, marks the one year anniversary of Natasha McKenna’s death. In February of last year, Natasha called 911 during a mental health crisis. She had been diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 12. Instead of providing her with mental health support, officers brought Natasha to Fairfax County Jail on an outstanding warrant. After being held in jail for seven days, Natasha—who weighed 130 pounds and was 5’4’’ tall—was hooded, shackled, and repeatedly tasered by officers attempting to move her to a mental health facility. Within minutes of being tasered, she stopped breathing. She died in the hospital seven days later — one year ago today.
A disturbing video showing Natasha’s brutal treatment at the hands of law enforcement has been available to the public since September, 2015. Fairfax County Sheriff Stacy Kincaid reported that her office released the video to demonstrate the “professionalism” and “restraint” exhibited by the officers who removed Natasha from her cell and tasered her to the point of unconsciousness. At the same time they released the video, a chief prosecutor declared that no criminal charges would be filed against the officers responsible for Natasha’s death.
Despite this horrific video and the total lack of accountability in Natasha’s case, her story has been met with relative silence from mainstream media and social justice groups. On the one year anniversary of her death, it’s time to stand up for justice. It’s time to #SayHerName.

#NatashaMcKenna #BlackWomenMatter #BlackGirlsMatter #BlackLivesMatter #BlackHistory365 #BlackOut #AAPF

Chris Brown Keeps Proving He Hates Women & Women keep supporting him


Team Breezy can go somewhere at this point. He’s an awful person. Period. And he really REALLY hates women. God bless Royalty and God help the poor child’s future relationships because her daddy is the worst. The worst part of situations like this is the amount of people co-signing and feeling justified because he is saying these things and he is a household name. 30,000-50,000 likes and re tweets for some of his most negligent comments. The irony is that these Tweets about faking suicide are coming from a man who has probably caused suicidal thoughts in multiple women of color and had his OWN mental breakdowns on national television. But she ‘fronting for the gram so her comments don’t look so bad.’ I don’t even care how well he dances. I’m not separating the two. He ain’t shit and that’s why his balls never dropped. Pushing 30 still singing soprano. FOH. And if you know me well and you’ve known me for a long time you know this man was my first ever celebrity crush. I say with confidence and clarity that he is a piece of shit and that the fact he can do all he’s done and still 
1. Be taken seriously
2. Be signed
3. Be supported by millions 
Is more of a testament to sexism than all the slut shaming in the universe.
And yes I remember when they weren’t playing his music and selling his CDs for that year or two. 
But he just keeps being awful.
While getting richer.
And more famous.
And when you forgive one infraction he commits another.
All you celebrity worshipping groupies are part of the problem. No one who is never held accountable for their actions will EVER learn accountability.
#SmallBoysInGrownBodies #ChrisBrown #Kehlani #BlackMaleMisogyny #KyrieIrving #PartyNextDoor #SlutShaming #CyberBullying #FuckPatriarchy #MisogynyKills  #MentalHealthInTheBlackCommunity

Let me tell you a funny story 


I just caught my son licking the can of iced tea I gave him. 
Not the tea Yall.
The can.
Now my pumpkin is 8. And brilliant.
So there is really no excuse.
I QUICKLY dropped that F bomb.
‘What the FUCK are you doing?!’
His handsome little face fell.
But as I shifted gears from shocked and annoyed to amused I cracked a smile.
He realized he wasn’t about to get the smack down and cracked one too.
Then I just started rolling.
 Did I really just catch home boy licking a can?
Who the fuck does that?
‘Hari I don’t understand why you did that honestly but it was funny. It was also gross. That can is filthy.’
‘Sorry mom!’ *giggles*
Parenthood is a fucking mystery til the end yo. 
#MomChronicles #ShitWeDontShare #MyBabyStillSmarterThanYoursThough 😂